Hello, I'm Ben Rosset, a board game designer living in Central Illinois. I've been designing board games since 2009.
I believe that board games can bring people together and I'm happy to share my love of gaming with the world. Let's play!

Featured Game: First in Flight

2024 Mensa Select award winner

First in Flight, a 2024 Mensa Select award winner, is a push-your-luck deck discovery game about the race to early flight. Players take on the roles of the Wright Brothers and other flight pioneers, racing to build and pilot the “flyers” that preceded modern airplanes.

Unlike other deckbuilders, you don't have perfect knowledge about your deck as the game begins. You need to discover the problems with your plane as you fly, to be able to overcome them, learn new skills, and fly farther!

1-4 players, 60 minutes    BGG | Buy

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